Which colors to choose for new rental place?

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Colors can do a lot. They can improve your appetite, calm down or vice versa, encourage creativity or even evoke feeling of cleanliness. Colors can reduce or add to the space or even brighten up the interior. Which colors to choose for your new apartment? Consider the space arrangement, daylight options and of course your taste. While choosing colors several factors act. The most important however is that you live comfortably in those colors.

Cold, warm?

Choose shades according to your feeling. Where you don’t have heating and it is naturally colder, choose rather warm shades. Where you are more active you can choose cold shades.

It depends mainly on the temperature in the apartment and also the lightness of the space. Apartments for rent in Prague are usually full of freshly painted rooms. It is the surest way to make good first impression.

You can choose combination of colorful and white walls. It looks modern and interesting. Second main factor is the furniture which will be placed in the room. You should keep this in mind while choosing colors.

Patterns or plain paint?

Various geometric patterns are pretty popular. They suit free space which isn’t full of furniture. Otherwise it makes disturbing impression. You can also choose various wallpapers.

Wallpaper can be either patterned or with slight skirt. Also plastic wallpaper imitating wall or brick wall is very interesting. With this kind however leave the wall white as it looks the best.

Online real property advisor can advise you not only suitable color combinations but also other hints which might help you clarify what to use in the interior.

What is tasteful and what is too much?

In regards to colors in one room there shouldn’t be more than three of them. You can also try tone one shade from lighter to darker. For example orange can be well combined with white and black.

Another color however would be an encumbrance. Development projects which bet on interesting combinations bet on this rule. First impression is crucial for them. It depends on how you will feel living in that space so it was home as well.


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